New Release: LACE Online With Integration

Clinics can easily dispense and track LACE Online training data from within their Sycle account.

LACE® Online with Sycle integrationNeurotone, makers of LACE®, the leading auditory training program, is proud to announce the integration of LACE Online into, the industry’s leading hearing care practice management system. Sycle users, who elect to add LACE training to their subscription, can provide training for any and all patients seen in a subscribing month.

Sycle facilitates the creation of LACE® Online programs directly from within the clinic interface; providing clinicians with real-time patient compliance data including global reporting mechanisms within its database for all patients. LACE Online auditory training can be completed in just eleven 20-minute training sessions. Training includes QuickSIN testing, speech in in noise, rapid speaker, competing speaker training and word memory exercises found in the computer application.

LACE Online assists busy practitioners by offering the benefits of auditory training in a simple-to-use web application that can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Users can start their training on a home computer, move to an iPad or Android tablet and even train on iPhone or Android phones. All training records are saved in the cloud and viewable by the Sycle clinician.

Clinicians can dispense LACE Online access codes directly from their Sycle account, receive training data for each patient and use this information to counsel patients on their performance. Clinician time needed to dispense LACE Online is less than two minutes.
Hearing Mojo raved:

“Now that Neurotone has put the LACE training program Online, there is no excuse not to use it. LACE is a proven method of training your brain to better understand speech in challenging listening environments. Now that it’s directly accessible on the web, with an attractive retail price, it may be the easiest and least expensive investment you’ll ever make to achieve better hearing”.

Neurotone provides Auditory Training Software and web applications for Audiologists, Dispensers and University training programs. Over 80,000 users have increased their communication capabilities by up to 40% in independent clinical trials.


Bill Woods or John McMahon


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