How to Become a LACE Coach

Evergreen Speech & Hearing LACE CoachesHow to Become a LACE Coach
by Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic

Coaches are the essence of a team. They help determine what others are capable of doing, motivate and track progress over time, keep attitudes positive and move seamlessly with their “players” toward a common goal. These fundamentals of coaching are not just used out on the field. Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic (ESHC), under the guidance of the clinical Audiology staff, has put together a program utilizing coaching techniques that guide patients to achieve success with better listening.

Meet the coaches!
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A Simple but Effective Method for Maximizing LACE Compliance

Hearing & Balance Lab, P.C. Everett, WashingtonA Simple but Effective Method for Maximizing LACE Compliance
By Nichole Kingham, AuD
Hearing & Balance Lab, P.C. Everett, Washington

Shortly after the AAA conference in Charlotte last April, having attended a presentation by Dr. Robert Sweetow we decided to integrate LACE auditory training into our hearing aid dispensing practice. Our only concern was patient compliance. It was clear that LACE works, in that it significantly improves a patient’s communication abilities. But how to maximize the likelihood that the patient would actually carry out their LACE training at home?

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LACE: A Big Economic Payoff for our Practice

mark johnsonLACE: A Big Economic Payoff for our Practice
By Mark Johnson, BC-HIS, A.C.A., Sound Care Hearing Centers Englewood, Florida

Since opening our new clinic in the 4th quarter of 2008, over 80% of our patients receiving new hearing aids have undergone LACE auditory training. The only patients who don’t get LACE training are patients with cognitive impairments, non-English-speakers and those few who have neither a home computer & Internet connection nor a DVD player. We have found LACE to be a big asset to the business and have gotten nothing but positive results.

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A Proven Method for Integrating LACE

Kathy AmosA Proven Method for Integrating LACE Into a Hearing Aid Practice
by Kathy Amos, Audiologist and Owner
Posey’s Hearing Aid Center

Over the past six months, Kathy Amos, audiologist and owner of Posey’s Hearing Aid Center in Walnut Creek, California, has developed a remarkably successful and cost-effective method for integrating LACE auditory training into a hearing aid dispensing practice.

Click Here to download Kathy’s complete story and the How-To of her method (PDF file)

“Over the past six months, Posey’s has dispensed over 500 copies of LACE. Out of the 80% who have done at least one LACE session at home, only two have returned their hearing aids. One patient had done two LACE sessions and the other did three. So it would seem from our results over six months with several hundred patients that if the patient gets past the first five LACE sessions, the hearing aids are not returned.

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LACE Clinic Edition

Mary Beth WrightLACE Clinic Edition takes auditory training to a whole different level
by Mary Beth Wright, MS, F-AAA
Avada Audiology & Hearing Care Centers

Over a year ago, our clinic in Mansfield, Ohio started LACE. We chose to start out with the LACE Home Edition (HE), but found that about half of our patients did not have home computers. So we installed the LACE Clinic Edition (CE) in our office, and rapidly discovered some major, unexpected advantages with CE vs. HE. CE gives us more control over the patient doing their listening therapy correctly. Also, the patient has very few distractions or noise in the background, as compared to all sorts of interruptions they face at home.

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My patients using LACE are delighted

Dr. Jane WatsonMy patients using LACE are delighted to be doing something besides waiting for the hearing aids to kick in

By: Dr. Jane Watson

Clinical Audiologist and owner of Audicles Hearing Services, San Antonio Texas

It was only six weeks ago that I started trying LACE in my practice, and I’ve already become a convert. My motivation wasn’t reducing returns, as the return rate in our clinic is minimal. My introduction to LACE was a lecture by Dr. Robert Sweetow a few years ago. What finally got me started was a number of patients coming to us with articles or other information about LACE. I decided to try it out on patients with a variety of hearing losses to see how much of a difference it would make to them. To maximize my chances of initial success, I deliberately picked bright, active people who I thought would be diligent about doing LACE at home, and was happy that all six patients I offered LACE to jumped at it. The woman with the greatest hearing loss is a candidate for a cochlear implant; I was very impressed that LACE works for her. She likes the helpful hints the most, and even quotes them to me! She has done all 20 sessions and felt like she got some important information and coping skills.

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Developing a Breakthrough Strategy in LACE Compliance

Evergreen Speech & Hearing TeamDeveloping a Breakthrough Strategy in LACE Compliance
By: Trisha Ostermeier, A.u.D., Clinical Audiologist
Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, Redmond, Washington

Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic is a private practice with three locations in Redmond, Kirkland and Bellevue, Washington. The audiology department consists of five Doctors of Audiology who regularly collaborate on program development to keep improving patient outcomes. Over two years ago, this collaboration resulted in the creation of a new program to better meet the needs of our hearing patients. During the development of this new program, the product LACE was introduced to the team, and we integrated it into our program.

How did we apply LACE?

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LACE – a Tool Worth its Weight in Gold!

Ross OsborneLACE – a Tool Worth its Weight in Gold!

By: Ross Osborne, B.C.H.I.S. Miracle-Ear Franchisee, Columbia TN

I have been improving my patients’ quality of life for over 16 years, and have been using LACE with my patients for almost a year now. I have seen a lot of new ideas hyped, only to find that they were just gimmicks without any real benefits or proven results. I have always been looking for that extra edge to help my patients in difficult listening situations, and until now, I have had very limited success finding that solution.

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Getting Your Patients To Use LACE

Juliette Sterkens (L) - Melody Martin (R)Getting Your Patients To Use LACE

The following correspondence between Juliette Sterkens, an Audiologist and co-owner of Fox Valley Hearing Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Melody Martin, an Audiologist and co-owner of Martin Audiology in Texas and long-time LACE advocate, offers some pointers that could be valuable to virtually all practitioners seeking an effective protocol for integrating LACE into their hearing aid dispensing practice.

Hello Melody,

I remember talking to you at one of the AAA meetings when you had a poster session. I too own a private practice and I started using LACE about a year ago after that meeting. I offered LACE with binaural hearing aid fittings and also sold the software to my existing users. After about 6-8 months I became frustrated with the low completion rate among my patients. I found that some did very well and enjoyed the tasks, but the majority either did not start and/or complete the program. I kind of gave up on LACE but recently attended one of Dr. Sweetow’s presentations, and became once more convinced that using this program has to be a part of every hearing aid fitting.

How do you manage this?

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You Don’t Need to Have a Hearing Loss to Benefit from LACE

Hearing Clinics of VirginiaYou Don’t Need to Have a Hearing Loss to Benefit from LACE

By Frank Butts, Ph.D.; Co-owner of Hearing Clinics of Virginia, an eleven-year old practice in Richmond, Virginia

I am a bit out of the ordinary in the world of Audiology and dispensing of hearing aids, having earned my Audiology Ph.D. with a specialization in temporal masking, a form of central auditory processing, focusing on the aging auditory system. We have three offices in the Richmond area with seven audiologists. Our group dispenses hearing aids to about 80 patients per month. We deal with lots of geriatric patients older than 70.

I was attracted to LACE for several reasons:

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