Hearing Mojo Reviews LACE Online

LACE OnlineCheck out this great review of our latest product release: LACE Online

LACE Online makes it a lot easier to access auditory training than earlier versions, which came on DVDs and CD-ROMs, and it performs extremely well. One of the challenges of a highly interactive online site with a lot of audio and video is to deliver response times fast enough to keep up with the user’s pace through the program. LACE Online met all my expectations for immediate response times, not only with my high-bandwidth fiber connection to my desktop, but also when I used the much slower 3G wireless data connection with my iPad2 (LACE Online doesn’t depend on Flash, so all the videos run beautifully on the iPad).

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Independent study of the effectiveness of LACE

LACE Listening ProgramA recent independent study of the effectiveness of LACE training has been published in the journal, Cerebral Cortex (Song, et al, 2011). In this study the authors describe behavioral improvements on speech in noise measures, and, for the first time, changes in neurophysiologic responses in participants that completed the LACE training.

More about the study:
Participants were normal hearing young adults, all of whom were proficient in the English language, but half of the participants were non-native speakers of English. Participants were randomly assigned to the training group, or to a control group. Both groups completed baseline testing that included the QuickSIN, HINT and auditory brainstem responses. The training group completed the LACE protocol and showed significant improvements on the LACE training tasks, the QuickSIN and the HINT. These participants also showed enhancements in the neurophysiologic representation of pitch cues in the presence of background noise. The control group did not show changes on any measures. This study is the first to show that short-term training with naturalistic stimuli, like those used in LACE, can improve the neural representation of speech cues that are critical for understanding speech in noise.

When discussing the study the authors contend: “…change in perception and neurophysiology likely resulted from the way in which LACE integrates cognitive factors into its auditory training exercises.” The authors stress the importance of LACE’s unique approach of integrating sensory and cognitive training to improve listening in difficult environments.

At Neurotone we are very pleased to see independent studies like these and wanted to share with you the latest support for using LACE in your practice.

Dig Deeper:
Direct link to full study – PDF file

Better Hearing Institute Aural Education Article

Better Hearing InstituteCheck out the newest aural education article for consumers at the Better Hearing Institute. Dr. Robert W. Sweetow, Professor of Otolaryngology, University of California, San Francisco has created a patient counseling article which helps the consumer understand why training the brain to listen is so important in optimizing the hearing aid experience.
[quote author=”Robert W. Sweetow, Ph.D., Professor of Otolaryngology, University of California, San Francisco”]
It should be reinforced at this point that better hearing is not a passive process where you simply let the hearing aids do all the work; success does not rest solely on the hearing aid and the expertise of the hearing healthcare professional. To optimize your hearing aid experience you must become an active participant. One of the best ways to do this is to become an active listener using software like LACE.
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The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is a not-for-profit corporation that educates the public about the neglected problem of hearing loss and what can be done about it. Learn More

“LACE will train our brains how to better interpret these sounds”

Evergreen Speech & HearingWe recently conducted in interview with Dr. Cheryl Lokanis AuD from Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic regarding their successful implementation of LACE into their practice. Please read the complete interview below.

How exactly do you use LACE in your practice?

At Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, we have a comprehensive aural rehabilitation program called “The Connect Program” which incorporates several keys elements, including LACE. The hearing instruments allow patients to gain access to sound, while the LACE training sharpens the ability to make sense of these sounds that the patient hears. We dispense LACE to all our Connect patients, both new and long term, who have recently purchased new hearing devices.

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LACE in Australia and New Zealand

Blamey & Saunders Hearing Neurotone is proud to announce the availability of LACE in Australia and New Zealand!
LACE is now sold in Australia and New Zealand from Blamey & Saunders Hearing. Blamey & Saunders Hearing are owned by well-known scientists in the area of evidence-based hearing technology, and have partnered with leading international suppliers to develop a hearing aid specially designed to be adjusted by you, the user. This way you get to adjust the hearing aid just how you want it to sound.

To learn more about Blamey & Saunders Hearing click here.

How to Become a LACE Coach

Evergreen Speech & Hearing LACE CoachesHow to Become a LACE Coach
by Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic

Coaches are the essence of a team. They help determine what others are capable of doing, motivate and track progress over time, keep attitudes positive and move seamlessly with their “players” toward a common goal. These fundamentals of coaching are not just used out on the field. Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic (ESHC), under the guidance of the clinical Audiology staff, has put together a program utilizing coaching techniques that guide patients to achieve success with better listening.

Meet the coaches!
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A Simple but Effective Method for Maximizing LACE Compliance

Hearing & Balance Lab, P.C. Everett, WashingtonA Simple but Effective Method for Maximizing LACE Compliance
By Nichole Kingham, AuD
Hearing & Balance Lab, P.C. Everett, Washington

Shortly after the AAA conference in Charlotte last April, having attended a presentation by Dr. Robert Sweetow we decided to integrate LACE auditory training into our hearing aid dispensing practice. Our only concern was patient compliance. It was clear that LACE works, in that it significantly improves a patient’s communication abilities. But how to maximize the likelihood that the patient would actually carry out their LACE training at home?

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LACE: A Big Economic Payoff for our Practice

mark johnsonLACE: A Big Economic Payoff for our Practice
By Mark Johnson, BC-HIS, A.C.A., Sound Care Hearing Centers Englewood, Florida

Since opening our new clinic in the 4th quarter of 2008, over 80% of our patients receiving new hearing aids have undergone LACE auditory training. The only patients who don’t get LACE training are patients with cognitive impairments, non-English-speakers and those few who have neither a home computer & Internet connection nor a DVD player. We have found LACE to be a big asset to the business and have gotten nothing but positive results.

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A Proven Method for Integrating LACE

Kathy AmosA Proven Method for Integrating LACE Into a Hearing Aid Practice
by Kathy Amos, Audiologist and Owner
Posey’s Hearing Aid Center

Over the past six months, Kathy Amos, audiologist and owner of Posey’s Hearing Aid Center in Walnut Creek, California, has developed a remarkably successful and cost-effective method for integrating LACE auditory training into a hearing aid dispensing practice.

Click Here to download Kathy’s complete story and the How-To of her method (PDF file)

“Over the past six months, Posey’s has dispensed over 500 copies of LACE. Out of the 80% who have done at least one LACE session at home, only two have returned their hearing aids. One patient had done two LACE sessions and the other did three. So it would seem from our results over six months with several hundred patients that if the patient gets past the first five LACE sessions, the hearing aids are not returned.

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