One in Five U.S. Adolescents Has Hearing Loss

Listening to loud music from headphones can lead to permanent hearing lossAccording to new research from Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), hearing loss among U.S. adolescents has surged. Quote from Hearing Mojo:

In findings published in this month’s Journal of the American Medical Association, the researchers analyzed data from two major surveys done by the National Institutes of Health, one done in 2005-2006 and the other done from 1988 through 1994. They found the rate of significant hearing loss — such as inability to hear soft sounds such as whispers or high-frequency sounds such as high musical notes or high-pitched voices — had increased among adolescents aged 12-19 from 14.9 percent in the first survey to 19.5 percent in the second, a 30 percent increase.

Read the whole story at Hearing Mojo

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